So I’ve had an emotional support animal (ESA) for 3 years. She is meant to help with my anxiety and depression which I’ve had for most of my life. Her name is Sasha and she’s been such a great help to me.

First of all, having an ESA isn’t just for getting out of paying apartment pet fees. Sadly a lot of people tend to think it’s a valid way of getting around it, if this continues apartments are going to require more then just a registration and it’s going to be harder for people who really need them to get a place of their own. Now, if you really need one you can definitely register your animal and it’s really easy!

I was able to register her through a website, but I was also required to see my doctor and get a letter saying I’m in need of an ESA. It was very easy to do but it did take a while to get her registered, she stayed with my dad until I received all the paperwork. Once I got it she was allowed to be with me at all locations. She isn’t trained like other service animals. ESA do not require training as long as they are properly able to help you. If you want to have your dog registered I provided a link below where you can register your animal.

Now I know some of y’all are curious about how they help. Sasha is a very active dog, she likes playing and running around. She keeps me from being lazy and getting down on myself. I’ve also taught her to be obedient and do some tricks keeping my mind busy. The only issue I have is that she loves to bark at anything that moves and hates men. Thankfully she loves all the men in my life. If she wasn’t around I probably wouldn’t be doing as well as I am now. We both keep each other happy.

My service dog has not only helped me but the people around me as well. Remember, a pet isn’t just something that serves you, they are living creatures with needs of their own, so don’t get one just to abandon them. They are here to help you and in return you need to keep them healthy and happy like they will do for you. They do require more then just feeding and going out to potty, but in all they will do so much for you!

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