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Tesla Model 3

The first time I saw a Tesla I was so confused. It was such a weird looking vehicle!! Like where are the handles and why do they hide?! I also thought, this is definitely made for the rich and never for the poor. But In the end I have come to find this invention to be pretty freakin legit!!!!! Well at least for me I think it is something worth going for. Why not, it’s so different!

Ok, everyone knows about the new truck that is coming out from Tesla. Some people are for it and some prefer the older looking models. I love everything about it! So the new truck looks crazy not gonna lie but of course there are reasons for it’s amazing design! Just go on to YouTube and look up videos on Tesla and interviews with the CEO Elon Musk. It may change your mind, it might not but its worth looking into.

First of all I think having a car that stops killing our world makes it so much more worth it, second of all it’s affordable!!!! If you go on you can look at all the models and choose your own car and you don’t need credit, it’s almost too easy but that’s what they want! They want affordable cars to help take care of the world I think that’s soooo worth it! If you want take look at the video below, it tells you way more details on all their models!

Now the best part in my opinion is all the safety features and how greatly built it is. It’s also all electric so no gas is required! But of course you’ll have to charge it up. I won’t get into too many details, because I want y’all to be curious and do more research on it, but my all time favorite is the auto pilot on the car, a freaking car that drives itself is beyond amazing!!!!!! If you think it’s all B.S and you don’t think it works look it up! I watched a video of Jeffree Star doing his face on the busiest road in LA on auto pilot and yes the car does it all!!!! The video is down below so y’all can watch it for yourself too!

There are some great models out there, some affordable too. I’m not saying buy one or anything crazy but look up more details, they are going to be our future!!! I definitely love the different looks they have for them, they’re amazing!! Some are crazy but I like that they are going for something different. I need y’all’s opinion on this let me know what y’all think in the comments below! If you own one let me know what you think and how it’s bettered your life or what you don’t really like about it!

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